How to clear Engineering Math 2

Posted On Jul 22, 2021 |

Hey guys!

As the title says this stuff is for students looking for an easy way to pass their M2 exam. These strategies work for both; the first-timers and the backloggers. So let’s see how you can easily pass the M2 exam.

Firstly, I always advise students to learn only 3 modules. Learn 3 modules till you can answer questions from Previous Year Question Papers(PYQ) confidently. Which 3 modules should you learn? This is a very important decision. You should not choose topics that require a lot of basics and pre-requisite knowledge. Choose such topics that are independent and have substitution into formulas type questions.

You can start your preparation from Module 5 - Numerical Methods.

This module fits all the requirements; no prerequisites needed, no differentiation or integration, only basics needed are algebra and substitution into formula.

Questions are mainly asked from these topics:

  1. Find the missing data from the table using:
  1. Newton’s Interpolation Formula: Forward and Backward
  2. Newton’s Divided Difference Formula
  3. Lagrange’s Formula
  1. Find the roots of the given equation using:
  1. Newton-Raphson Method
  2. Regula Falsi Method
  1. Find the Integral of the given function using:
  1. Simpson’s 1/3rd Rule
  2. Simpson’s 3/8th Rule
  3. Weddle’s Rule

All these topics have a simple formula and we need to substitute given data into the formula. Easiest 20 marks you can score in Engg Maths.

Also, we have made great videos that explain the topics; Newton-Raphson Method and Simpson’s Rule. You can watch these videos on YouTube: Newton-Raphson Formula And Derivation | Part 1 of 2

The next module you should learn is Module 2 - Differential Equations.

This is one of the most interesting and important topics in Engineering Mathematics. It’s quite a simple procedure to solve the differential equations. The basics needed are simple Differentiation and Integration.

Questions are asked on the following 2 topics:

  1. Find Complementary Solution
  2. Find Particular Solution
  1. Inverse D Operator
  2. Variation of Parameter

Apart from these 2, they will ask a question on Application. They mostly repeat and reuse these questions so you can get a copy of their solution and learn it.

So you scored another 20 marks there. Let’s take a look at the final module; Module 1 - Vector Calculus.

This module is relatively easier than the remaining 2 modules. This requires you to know basic Differentiation and Integration. Basic Vector Dot Product and Cross Product. And Multiple Integration. Even though the topics in this module are a little advanced, the questions they ask in the exam are easy and limited.

Questions are asked on the following topics:

  1. Vector Differentiation
  1. Gradient & Directional Derivative
  2. Divergence & Curl
  3. Angle between 2 Surfaces 
  1. Vector Integration
  1. Green’s Theorem
  2. Gauss Divergence Theorem
  3. Stoke’s Theorem
  4. Work Done by Force Field

This module is really interesting and you have to take it as a challenge and study this module multiple times. So 20 more marks are added to your total. 

If you still want to do more I will tell you a few bonus questions. First let me tell you what we do at Entuition. We have created an online video course for each of the 4 Engg Maths subjects. These video courses are easy-to-follow with basics and prerequisites covered for each topic. The topics are mapped to VTU syllabus and include solved PYQ papers. The videos are short length and load easily. The courses are very affordable but very valuable. Visit the M2 course here:

So the bonus questions are from Module 3. In every exam, the following questions are asked:

  1. Derive the 1-Dimensional Heat Equation
  2. Derive the 1-Dimensional Wave Equation

You will score another 7 marks from one of these questions.

Follow these strategies and then you will have passed your M2 exam once and for all. Don’t forget to check our courses at Entuition.

Good Luck for your exam.