How to clear Basic electronics in the 1st go.

Posted On Jul 29, 2021 |

How to pass/get good marks in Basic Electronics?

With few days remaining to sem-end exams, what topics should you read to get past your Basic Electronics paper?

As always pick 3 modules and keep to it. Unless you are EC or EE branch student, no harm is done. For those in EC and EE, there’s always time to learn these in later sem.

The first module you should study is the First Module: Diodes. This module is the most fundamental module. You must learn this.


I will just list the topics in each module so you can print this and use it as a checklist.

  1. PN junction - Forward Bias, Reverse Bias, VI graph.
  2. Zener Diode - as Voltage Regulator.
  3. Rectifiers - Half-wave, Full-wave, Bridge Rectifiers.
  4. Also, learn VDC, Vrms, Efficiency, and Ripple Factor of each of these rectifiers.
  5. Photodiode and LEDs

That’s enough for module 1.


Next, let’s go to the easiest module of this subject - Module 5: Digital Electronics.

The topics you need to study are,

  1. Number System - Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal.
  2. Conversion - Binary ⇋ Decimal, Decimal ⇋ Hexadecimal, Binary ⇋ Hexadecimal.
  3. Basic Gates, Truth Tables, Boolean Algebra(DeMorgan’s Law and such).
  4. Half adder, Full adder - Expression, Truth Table, Gate Implementation.
  5. Basic block diagram of Communication System.

These topics are enough.

At this point, you are ready to score 35-40 marks.


Finally, you can study Module 3: OPAMPs.

This is a pretty small module with a lot of definitions and simple circuits. The list of topics goes like this,

  1. OPAMP - Ideal Characteristics.
  2. OPAMP Parameters:
    1. CMRR
    2. Slew Rate
    3. Supply Voltage Rejection Ratio
    4. Input Bias Current
    5. Input Offset Voltage and Current
    6. Input and Output Impedance
  3. Basic OPAMP Circuits:
    1. Non-Inverting OPAMP
    2. Inverting OPAMP
    3. Voltage Follower OPAMP
  4. OPAMP Application Circuits:
    1. Summer
    2. Subtractor/Difference
    3. Differentiator
    4. Integrator

These are the 4 topics in module 3 that will get you 20 more marks. So that’s 60 marks you can score.

For 18 scheme batch writing July 2021 exam, with Open Choice option, these topics can get you almost 100 marks

So print this sheet and start checking off the topics one by one.

All the best for your exam.👍