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Whether you're struggling, need a better understanding, or just want to wrap up your degree, we can help.

As per latest VTU syllabus
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18 Scheme 1st Year


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Access hundreds of hours of amazing, in-depth courses including hours of step-by-step instructions.

Learn At Your Own Pace

From any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view video lessons.

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Join our community and connect with students who are just like you. Learn and share with the every growing community.


Are the classes recorded or live?

These classes are recorded classes. You can watch it anytime and any number of times.

Does the course require any prerequisite?

The courses do not need any prerequisites. Courses are tailor made to start from basics to engg exam questions.

Is it a one time payment or a monthly subscription?

All courses on the platform are one time payment courses. Once paid the course is valid for 100 days. T&C apply.

Once purchased the courses are non refundable.

No, but the website is mobile responsive and you can watch our course from your phone seamlessly.

Can I download the courses to my phone?

As of now we do not have that feature but will be introduced soon.

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